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Amy Irish Pottery

Functional and Decorative Pottery

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my pottery. I make functional and decorative work out of my home studio in Hillsborough, NC.

Using red earthenware clay, my pieces are first formed on the pottery wheel. Next, layers of slip and underglazes are applied using various techniques to create textural imagery on the surface of the clay. After its first firing (called bisque firing) ceramic glazes and oxide washes are applied to create an even more complex and interesting surface. They are then fired one more time to approximately 2080 degrees or cone 1. The finished work is sanded to a smooth finish on the bottom before it goes out into the world. Every piece is unique.

My inspirations come from the little things in the world around me. My children, the garden, and preparing food for my family are all sources of joy that I hope to share and connect with you through clay.

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